LP :: Orchidea :: Ian Joyce

Digital dust shot transatlantically lightfast sonic-boom safe out of tune compressed Noh theatre begetting saxophonic satisfaction, soul mate superman. Socco our savior in Santa Margherita reminding me I am not the only incurable one, nor am I the curia, nor she, the banshee, the incurious one Constance Konstantinos Constantinople Karaoke Kabuki, Kabbala or indeed, a cumbersome cucumber sandwich …

15 short piano pieces virtual messages from Ian Joyce to Naoki Abe traveling across and back the Atlantic Ocean, co-composed and re-composed for Saxophone and piano

T R A C K L I S T :::: SIDE A :::: PORTOFINO Love crawl freedom song celibate celibratory celebration nuptial contract ban :::: SOUND OVER BRIGHTNESS heavenly spheres flash in the pan watershed graduation ::: CAFFEÉ DEL PORT0 weather report zephyr moon migrate mythological mantra memorial  ::: MAGAIRLÍN MEIDHREACH ancient curvaceous counterpoint Gaia biennial flower power ::: WALK WITH ME dialysis shock therapy up the hill backwards ::: MICHELE origin innocence plover kiss puberty perfectionpunctilious precociousness  ::: KOCHO RAN Kreuzberg angel eternal mother ::: ITAMI STATION gravity self healing ::: SIDE B ::: CAMOGLI Montevideo martin marvelous escape ::: NIKITA ALEXEEV AT MIRSAANI reason season optimism Chalkidikki zen present present tense Kono mamadaughter crossing code safety first first aid ::: THE CAT AND THE BLACKBIRD freedom collectivity modality cosmopolitan poverty addition walled in open house open up ::: NEW YEAR‘S DAY transition heart felt chin up press up neocolonial, hard hit, hard work, all that jazz ::: MYRTLE break out escape fly feel your way sea salt semblance of safety ::: ANTONIO all you need is love Nairobi corona acoustic accord recover recovery

Saxophone: Naoki Abe
Piano: Ian Joyce
Digital Compositions: Ian Joyce
Co-composer on saxophone: Naoki Abe
Design: Tiger Stangl
Mastering: Jamming Masters

For: Andrea, Rosa, Carolina and C, friends of Orchidea 

Live performances on May 28, 2022, Italy*

Ian Joyce, tree surgeon and compositor

Naoki Abe, co-curator and saxophonist

Tiger Stangl, moto-voto-sensationalist

survivors and non survivors alike, of Covid (love), war and peace (not a piece of cake), universal tolerance, the never ending neo-necrophiliac-politics of not an inch give a mile winner takes all psycho-dramatura-lura-tura-meloo akkkakkkakkkakkarakkkka drumdung dan gugakra krakatopr opagaukraaukaaau kraaaania …