12″ Vinyl: ORCHIDEA by Ian Joyce

World Premiere in Italy: watch Ian Joyce & Naoki Abe LIVE on vimeo HERE

Limited Edition of 100

Canned compressed lightfast digital dust shot transatlantically sonic-boom saved begetting saxophonic satisfaction soul of my saviour in Santa Margherita reminding me again I am not only canned compressed lightfast digital dust transported transatlantically sonic-boom-safe in tune but in time begotten satisfaction our saxophonic soul mate saviour Socco of Santa Margherita reminding me again I am not the only maiden voyage disremembered by the curia, nor she, banshee, dismembered, incurably incurious: if I ever forget never forget forget me not forgot me knots bots me blots forgot me not remember me never Constance Konstantinos Constantinople Karaoke Kabuki Kabbala, my cucumber sasandwich…

15 piano pieces, virtual messages sent from Ian Joyce to Naoki Abe, travelling across the Atlantic over and back again, composed and re-composed for Saxophone and piano

T R A C K L I S T :::: SIDE A :::: PORTOFINO love crawl freedom song celebrating futures in nuptial rendition contract bans ::: SOUND OVER BRIGHTNESS flash in the pan graduate graduating a synthesised flood chant ::: CAFFEÉ DEL PORTO moon migrating weather report in mantric memorialisation ::: MAGAIRLÍN MEIDHREACH ancient curvaceous counterpoint power flower manual ::: WALK WITH ME down the hill up the hill backwards therapy ::: MICHELE plover kissed precociousness ::: KOCHO RAN Kreuz-bergsonian ethereal mammogram ::: ITAMI STATION gracious self-healing expressive angelic inclusivity :::: SIDE B :::: CAMOGLI mirraculous and marvelous escapology ::: NIKITA ALEXEEV AT MIRSAANI seasonally adjusted progressively optimal Chalkidikkian zen-like presence ::: KONO MAMA first crossing first safety first code first understanding first aid first love ::: THE CAT AND THE BLACKBIRD cosmopolitan freedom loving collective modal wunderkind ::: NEW YEAR‘S DAY heart transient heart felt chin up pressed up against neo conservative neo liberal neo colonial, hard work, all that jazz ::: MYRTLE break free sea salt salt sea semblance of safety ::: ANTONIO corona acoustic counter intuitive record recovery accord

Piano performances and Compositions Ian Joyce :: Saxophone and Co-composing Naoki Abe :: Design Tiger Stangl :: Mastering Jamming Masters

Dedicated to : Andrea Turrin and friends of Orchidea everywhere

World premiere on May 28th, 2022, in Club Orchidea, Italy! ARCI ORCHIDEA, VIA DELLE ROCCHE 31, SANTA MARGHERITA, LIGURE, ITALIA

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Music nursery :: Melodic treatments :: Human beans tuning :: Scale diving :: Potion harmonies :: Twelvetoning :: G-string analyses :: Arrangements of foot and hand :: Sound surgery :: Invoice training :: Loop therapy :: Verbal baths


Ian Joyce, tree surgeon and compositor
Naoki Abe, co-curator and saxophonist
Tiger Stangl, moto-voto-sensationalist

Love Hospital Berlin ist ein Kunstprojekt von Ian Joyce, Tiger Stangl und anderen Patienten. V.i.S.d.P / responsible: tigerworx, Skalitzer Str. 62, 10997 Berlin